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Retro: Derrick May & Dj Nuhhh! (US/NO)

Spiritual Detroit techno
Målet med Retro – Jægers faste føljetong på torsdager, ledet av den glødende DJ Nuhhh (Daniel Gude) – er å fremheve og verdsette de tilbakeholdne skikkelsene som vi har […] More >

Luciano Supervielle (Bajofondo) (UY)

Filmatic piano electronica
Just like in chemistry classes in school, it’s always exciting mixing two very different components together. Sometimes nothing happens, sometimes it goes really wrong, and sometimes you might get […] More >

Escalandrum feat. Elena Roger (AR)

Piazzolla plays Piazzolla
Escalandrum is among the foremost ambassadors of the Argentinian cultural heritage. The Buenos Aires based jazz ensemble do not only have badges of honor to show for – as […] More >