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Film – A Punk Day Dream

Broken homes, poverty and corruption: This is what the punk rocker Eka and his friends Kempot and Edo reflect on in their search for meaning in the society they […] More >

Contemporary Art in China

From a Feminist and Queer Perspective
China generally experiences a setback for gender equality, and the country is ranked #103 of 149 countries in The Global Gender Gap Report 2018. Female artists have been invisible […] More >


-A part of URBAN INDIGENOUS TAKEOVER – It seems like protecting the environment is a utopia filled with paradoxes. The gap between public discourse and private companies exploitations. The gap […] More >

Decolonizing Utopias

-A part of URBAN INDIGENOUS TAKEOVER – This event hopes to bring to light the importance of not only acknowledge and visibilize urban indigenous narratives worldwide, but also to explore […] More >

Utopian Takeover

Join us for a full-day take-over that will amplify different voices that somehow are forgotten. International and local artists and partners will join forces to want to avoid the […] More >