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Gato Preto


Gato Preto (Portuguese for black cat) consists of the female rapper Gata Misteriosa and the DJ and producer Lee Bass. Together they make dark, but colourful electro, with Gata chanting Portuguese rhymes over heavy, dance-friendly beats.

“This is dance floor voodoo, once it got you it will never let you go!” This is how Gato Preto describes their EP “Tschukudu”. Tropical bass, kuduro, favela house: these are other monikers they give to their music, which infuses house and electro with African and Latin American rhythms.

The duo is based in Germany, and they wanted to make music that could create a stir on European dance floors. Since they both have their roots in Africa, using African and tropical impulses was a natural choice. New genres, such as break beat, dub step, house and electro, are pimped up with West African and Brazilian rhythms. Such diverse elements as a mac, a stage mixer, traditional drums, African war paint and suit jackets all figure prominently in their stage performance.

See the amazing Tschukudu video, let yourself be seduced by the voodoo, and show up for a late-night jungle-electro concert at Blå!

The djs from Club Juicy are playing before and after the concert.

NOTE: 20 years age limit!

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