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Lucas Santtana

Brazilian trendsetter

Lucas Santtana is one of the most interesting Brazilian artists these days! Electro-acoustic pioneer, dynamic, interesting and experimental are recurring epithets in descriptions of this man.

He is known as the first innovator of the bossa nova since its inception fifty years ago, and he refers to his music as bossa nova ­– “new trend”.

The singer-songwriter tears apart traditional music and reassembles it in new and unexpected ways. His latest CD provides a true example: Acoustic meets electro. Samba and bossa nova merges with dub, reggae, rock and folk. Instrumentals follow vocal-driven tunes, some in Portuguese and others in English. All his songs sound refreshingly new.

Santtana, who hails from Bahia, was discovered by Bahian mega-stars Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso, and he toured with both during the nineties. He has also worked with artists such as Chico Science and Arto Lindsay. And it was not until 2006 with the album “3 Sessions In A Greenhouse” that he found his experimental form. He is currently the foremost representative of new Brazilian music. On 1 November he comes on his first visit to Norway to perform for us at Parkteatret!


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