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Sudan Dudan

Valdres tones meet world music

The duo Sudan Dudan plays traditional Norwegian music of a different kind! The folk singer Marit Mattisgård and the string virtuoso Anders Røine have risen to fame for their fusion of traditional Norwegian music with tonal elements from other, more distant lands. Traces of American mountain music and African desert blues can be heard in their soft, melancholy melodies. The group has been lauded for its distinctive and innovative combination of stringed instruments and vocals.

“Refreshingly precise and different (…) imbued with a musical beauty that soothes the mind”, Aftenposten wrote about their debut album “Sudan Dudan” in 2006. “Traditional, but strikingly different, well-performed and innovative”, Dagsavisen concluded in its review of the duo’s latest album, “Kari og Ola”, from 2010.

The Valdres group is known for their captivating performance on stage, and they have previously toured with Odd Nordstoga. In August they will play their folk music for a rock audience at Øyafestivalen. In November we can hear their soft, enchanting tones during the Oslo World Music Festival in an intimate setting at The Crossroad Club!

Bad Sounds DJs are playing before and after the concert.


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