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No one left to lie to

Can cultural journalism fight the era of post-truth politics?

It became evident that through Facebook, Twitter, etc. individuals have access to a plurality of voices but they also have growing opportunities to shape their media consumption around their own opinions and prejudices, and populist leaders are ready to encourage them.

What is the place of cultural journalism in the age of post-truth politics?  Has the age of “neutral journalism” passed? Could journalism be a tool for critical thinking?


  • Fiona Talkington  is a founding presenter of BBC Radio 3’s award-winning programme Late Junction. She has also curated many events and festivals. In 2009, she was awarded the Royal Norwegian Order of Merit for services to the arts.
  • Betto Arcos  is a radio journalist, DJ, lecturer and music promoter based in Los Angeles. Since 2008, Betto is a regular contributor to National Public Radio, PRI-BBC’s The World and Los Angeles’ public station KPCC, writing and producing stories about musicians from all over the globe.
  • Namra Saleem is a journalist, musician and an author. She has a soft spot for Punk Islam and thinks it´s important to fight for freedom and to speak up when wrong is being done.
  • Humphrey Inzillo is a journalist and music critic from Argentina. Contributes to La Nation, Rolling Stone and more. 

Moderator: Rob Young, Oslo based English writer and journalist, specialising in music, film and art. He is currently a Contributing Editor of Jazznytt.

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