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Andalusian Conspiracy

- Norwegian rock in Spanish

Andalusian Conspiracy is funky rhythms fused with electronica, soul and pop, with a sprinkling of Norwegian folk music and Flamenco-based vocals in the Andalusian dialect!

With its debut album “La revolución será tuiteada” – The revolution will be tweeted – the band has attracted widespread attention in Spain.

Spain’s largest state-owned radio channel, RNE1, chose the band’s debut album as “CD of the Week” after its release, and the band has since been listed by more than 200 Spanish radio stations.

With its musical expression, Andalusian Conspiracy creates a highly distinctive atmosphere, and because the band is playing around with numerous genres, they are able to unite their audience in a funky “feelgood” concert experience. This feeling is guaranteed if you drop by the Crossroads Club when the band releases its new album exclusively at the Oslo World Music Festival.
ID: 20 years!


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