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Dualist Inquiry (exclusive guests Lemâitre) + Nucleya

- an evening of Indian club music

The concert is presented in collaboration with Rikskonsertene.

In the mind of Sahej Bakshi, it is a completely natural thing to poise the organic guitar in a duel with synthetic electronics – a likely outcome for someone who is equally versed on his yellow Telecaster as on the synthesizer. Then – when he had graduated from the Thornton School of Music at the University of California, he bade the United States a polite farewell and went home to India as fast as he could.

Since then, he has more than once succeeded in earning the title of one of the country’s most up-and-coming producers, and this is clearly reflected in his list of achievements. Bakshi has opened for Fatboy Slim as well as Basement Jaxx. However, he is apparently more akin to the American duo Ratatat or the Norwegian house group Lemâitre, who appear as guest artists in his concert. Imagine slinky, noisy guitars cavorting in the company of sunny electronica.

Exactly for this reason, Dualist Inquiry will make an excellent job of closing the evening for the more club-oriented Delhiite Udyan Sagar. Nucleya, as he refers to himself, has produced music since the early nineties, but it was not until his solo project Nucleya that he could amass a larger following – including beyond the confines of India.

This is because he can nicely keep up with many of the major stars of the bass-heavy world of dance music.
ID: 20 years!

Text: Kim Klev

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