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Gipsy Kings

– the sound of the Eighties

This is huge. We are talking about the band that gave sound to the late Eighties, shaking up Norway with hits like Bamboleo and Bem Bem Maria. This year the band celebrates its 25th anniversary and is releasing the new album “Savor Flamenco”. They are on their way back to please a Norwegian audience with their stunningly danceable catalan rumba.

The band came together in the Gitano circles of Southern France in the Seventies. Most of the members are descendants from Spanish Gitanos, a Romani people hailing from Catalonia. Their families had fled Spain during the civil war in the 1930s and found new homes in the French cities of Arles and Montpellier. One of the members, Chico Bouchiki, had parents from Morocco and Algeria, giving the band a touch of Northern African musical traditions. In the warm climate of the Mediterranean and the fruitful triangle of Andalucian, Northern African and Southern French music, the young musicians succeeded in creating a novel genre:  By adding elements of Catalan rumba and modern pop music, they made irresistibly danceable music that filled discotheque floors all over the world.

An unforgettable live experience is expected when they visit Oslo World Music Festival; they will shed warmth and light into the dark autumn night, rendering the audience with romantic memories from the height of the Eighties when trips to Spain were incredibly exotic and Bamboleo was aired on Norwegian radio several times a day.

Text: Kristian Krohg-Sørensen



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