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- a kaleidoscopic jungle party between life and death

Some people are just more extreme than others. You know the type: those who feel the need to have tried and done everything at least once before life’s journey finally ends. And the pink-haired (or was it turquoise?) South African Catarina Aimée Dahms, or Cata.Pirata as she prefers to call herself, strikes us as exactly such a character.

To cut a long story short: After having lived in places such as the Azores, Ibiza, Argentina and the UK, her plane finally touched down in the Netherlands, where she has worked as a graphic designer, magazine editor, curator and (gasp!) musician. There she also ran into the producer Jori Collington, who shared her burning desire to create psychedelic, tropical club pop – after having seen the local population in the Sri Lankan jungle roar: “We are elephants!”

Thus the way was basically paved for Skip&Die to come to life as a multitudinous melée of ideas and impulses channelled into some kind of system. With as much inspiration from the Orient as from the Caribbean and Africa, Skip&Die conjures up urban music that would make even M.I.A. sound uninspired. In addition to singing in English, Xhosa, Spanish, Zulu, Portuguese and Afrikaans on the debut record Riots in the Jungle, Cata.Pirata and Jori spent a full two months on a tour of South Africa, where they visited and played with dozens of young and promising musicians. In the world of Skip&Die, you just cannot have too many impulses – an attitude which is reflected in their kaleidoscopic qualities in their recordings and on stage.


ID: 20 years!

Tekster: Kim Klev

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