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Throes + the Shine

- rock + kuduro = true!

We ought to have learned long ago that fusing rappers with rock bands is rarely possible. On rare occasions, however, we come across exceptions that defy this rule, such as the Portuguese-Angolan quintet Throes + The Shine. Last year’s debut album Rockaduro refers to two things: a) rock and b) kuduro, Angolan dance music with frenetic drums that have the remaining instruments scrambling to keep up.

Since the kuduro has enjoyed special popularity in the immigrant quarters of Lisbon, you will most likely have heard morsels of this genre if you have ever set foot in a Continental nightclub – thanks to the standard-bearers Buraka Som Sistema. Spurred on by the rapping front men of The Shine (André do Poster and Diron), the bearded indie boys of Throes turn the kuduro on its head and into overdrive, adding aggressive garage-rock guitars with instinctive precision at their fingertips. Best suited for a noisy rock club, to put it mildly.

But don’t let yourself be intimidated: This is primarily dance music intended to elate the audience (if not, the kuduro reference wouldn’t be worth a dime). Rumours tell us that euphoria radiated from the stage as well as the crowd after their concert at Roskilde earlier this year. We have every reason to believe this will happen again during the Oslo World Music Festival.

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Text: Kim Klev

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