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Marcos Valle

- The Grand Old Man of Bossa Nova

If there is one musician who can be said to distill the sunny beaches of Rio de Janeiro into a musical proof, it must be Marcos Valle. This he has been doing for more than fifty years, with a creativity that has been significant for his own compositions as well as for Brazilian pop music. He was there in the infancy of Brazilian bossa nova in the early 1960s, and despite developing his music with the influences from psychedelia, funk and disco throughout the decades, he has stayed true to his roots and even come up with a revitalised take on bossa nova.

The story of Marcos Valle is the story of a gifted musician who paved way for the lazy, jazzy coolness so characteristic of bossa nova. It is also the story of a musician who during his career found the dictatorship of the Brazilian military junta increasingly unbearable, and who eventually emigrated to the USA. Gaining success in collaboration with musicians such as Leon Ware and Sarah Vaughn, he played an important part in the development of 1980s pop music. After a decade of silence he re-emerged with the album Nova Bossa Nova in 1997, and his stylistic circle was sealed. Today, Marcos Valle is considered an innovative and exciting musician with a vast and varied repertoire.

DJ Audun Vinger

Text: Kristian Krogh-Sørensen

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