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- Brings soul back to the dance-floor

“Soul hasn’t colour, size or gender,” Omar Mohamed Ahmed argued when he participated on the tv show The Voice, as Madcon-member Yousef thought his voice belonged to “a really fat woman”.

That’s neither the nicest thing to say nor hear, but Omar’s response revealed that this was an extraordinarily wise and good-hearted young man – blessed with a pretty unique voice, as well.

Ever since the twenty-seven year old’s career has snowballed. It’s one thing to get signed to the largest label in the country, quite another to actually blow the skeptics’ minds.

Singles “Hold You Back” and “Dawn After Midnight” prove that OMVR is something more than your usual talent-show musician. Clearly inspired by the British duo of Disclosure, he reminds us that house music is not only rooted in soul, but is an essential part of it.

Double billing with Miss Tati

Patski Love plays before and after the double billing.

Text: Kim Klev

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