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Seminar: The Colombian Case

Music as a tool of empowerment

Oslo World Music Festival welcomes you to a panel discussion before the concert with Puerto Candelaria.

Discussing the role of music as an instrument of reconciliation and empowerment of civil society it is of great importance when talking about Colombia now. Colombians, placed in between hope and hesitation, are still mobilizing themselves to claim national support of peace after a 52 years conflict. With this comes the challenge of how to support and implement peace processes.

Music has the possibility of communicating the particular stories of war: account the personal stories of victims that wouldn’t be heard otherwise. Music can also be cathartic and transform reality. Lead to forgiveness and reconciliation.

Jan Sverre Knudsen, professor HiOA.
Andrea Ramirez Stangeland, leader of the civil organisation Støttegruppen for Fred i Colombia.
Nina Luhr, Prosjektleder for brigadene, Latin-Amerikagruppene i Norge(LAG)
Moderator: Benedicte Bull (Professor, SUM – UiO, leder for Norsk Nettverk for Latin-Amerika forskning)

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