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Seminar: Freedom and censorship- a conversation with Ole Reitov


It is difficult to find someone more adequate to talk about artistic freedom as Ole Reitov does. Join the one hour conversation with Ole Reitov and, executive director at Nobel Peace Centre, Liv Tørres. 

As a co-founder of Freemuse in 1998, Ole Reitov has documented violations on artistic freedom of musical expression worldwide for decades. He is a member of the UNESCO Expert Facility, and the Freemuse representative to the UN Human Rights Council. In 2012-2013 he was contracted by the UN Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights as expert consultant for the development of the first ever UN report on artistic freedom. Reitov has a background in broadcasting, music production and journalism and a vast experience from research and assignments in more than 40 countries – of these he was consultant for the first ever free radio station in Mali and the first ever music advisor to the national radio in Bhutan.

Join us for one hour conversation with Ole at Sentralen.

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