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Sounds of the sacred

Adventure tours to sacred spaces

Oslo World repeats the success withadventure tours to sacred spaces and sounds of the sacred will once again be explored. Migration and globalization creates new churches and faiths originating in religions that have scarcely been visible and audible in Norway previously.

Maybe we connect this primarily with the visible, as new and unknown architecture and religious clothing. But religions have more dimensions that are worth getting to know, that can help to provide greater insight into the various traditions that surround us in Oslo today. Sound is an important ingredient in all religions. What is the sound of the sacred? What function has sound in these different religions? What has changed in the diaspora?

The bus goes to;
Gregorian tones in the medieval church Gamle Aker. Steinar Echholt introduces us to Gregorian chant. The church is 900 years old and Oslo’s oldest standing building.

Islamic Cultural Centre at Grønland is one of the city’s biggest mosques. We will experience the recitation of the Koran, songs about the Prophet Mohammed (Na`at) and summons to prayer (Azan).

The Norwegian Hindu Cultural Center at Ammerud. We will experience prayers chanted in Sanskrit. Hindu religious practice includes the use of songs and rhythm instruments.

Saturday  november 5. 11:00-16:00. at Universitetsplassen, Oslo Sentrum. 

Price: 250,- / 200,- (student/honnør)
Lunch is included in the price. 


KULT – Senter for kunst, kultur og kirke.




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