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This years theme is Forbidden Songs.

The list of banned songs, is very long and artists as diverse as Bob Dylan, M.I.A, Pink Floyd, Pussy Riot, Khaled, Monthy Python and Inga Juuso have been censored. Censorship is imposed by states, religious communities, educational systems, families, lobby groups and by our selves. In most of the cases this violates international human rights conventions and laws. Until recently the Sami culture was controversial, and joik forbidden. In some religious communities in Norway, this is still the case.

But luckily music can mobilize large crowds and help strengthen cultural rights and political change. Music is currently used as a strong instrument in the struggle for peace and freedom. What happens when the music comes into conflict with people in power? When they feel threatened by the exchange of ideas, the free word? When they punish those who listen?  When the music forces you to be silent? What happens when art makes you a refugee? These are some of questions that will be highlighted during Oslo World Music Festival 2016. This years theme is Forbidden Songs.

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