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Adam Ezzari

Young, sensitive and angry

It must be hard to be a teenager in today’s society. Performance pressure – born out of an individualistic culture that, paradoxically, expects everyone to be world champions – intrudes from all angles.

This is also painful for the 18-year-old rapper Adam Ezzari. With his debut single, “Ikke noe press” (“No Pressure”), he meets this damn nagging with passive aggression. He may look like a zen master on the cover, but the bass-heavy music reveals that blood is boiling under his skin.

It’s a mood that’s common in the TV series SKAM, where Ezzari plays Adam Malik in the fourth season. Like his buddies Temur & Hkeem, acting has been a huge boost to the musical career.

That’s not without its reasons: “Ikke noe stress” shows us a young man with great gifts of communication. We look forward to getting to know the live artist Ezzari better.

ID: 20 years

Text: Kim Klev

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