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Igor and the Union of Cousins (NO, BA)

Playful and satirical folk music

Seven cousins ​​who are not cousins: Igor & Fetterforeningen (Igor & the Cousin Union) are not connected by blood, but through their common love for the silliest aspects of folk music. By using complex Balkan rhythms and light-headed humour they try to solve cultural misunderstandings in Norway, a country where it often is quite uncomfortable to feel different.

There are, however, certain kinships in Igor & Fetterforeningen. While «chapel master» Elvis is the uncle of frontman Igor Dunderovic, guitarist Mili and bass player Saso are actual cousins. Not least, violinist Daniel, accordionist Almir and drummer Boris play together in the renowned orchestra Kuraybers – which in Balkan slang means something like the Bohemians.

This emphasizes that Igor & Fetterforeningen are not only strangers as immigrants, but also as trubadours. It’s in the nature of the folk musician that it’s difficult for them to feel at home, which creates an outside perspective. Sometimes that’s just what we need to see the ridiculous in what we usually take for granted.

Central to Igor & Fetterforeningen is their subversion of Norwegian national treasures. Both in concert and on the album «Ali Baba and Little Lamb» (2013) you’ll find playful and satirical interpretations of beloved songs such as «Kråkevisa», «Håvard Hedde» and «Gikk meg over sjø og land», as well as «Mikkel Rev» – in this case a story about that «Mika Ilryev received a letter of rejection, they sent him to the moon».

ID: 20 years

Text: Kim Klev

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