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Remix Workshop

The world is a remix and every piece of culture comprises hundreds of different parts. Which makes cities like Oslo and London such great towns for taking in world culture and repackaging it. Oslo World, GramArt, NOTAM, Music Norway and SYNC have teamed up with London Remixed Festival to provide a workshop that will open for discussions around how to mix analogue and digital and one on one sessions with like-minded music producers and musicians. We explore the ins and outs of remixing and what the future holds. The entire event will be hosted by Chris Tofu (UK) with the help of Robin Crafoord (NO).
  • Chris Macmeikan (Chris Tofu) is famous for curating 100`s of stages around the globe including the Lost Vagueness and Shangri Las field (Glastonbury) and Club Dada (Bestival). He founded Continental Drifts in London in 1994. Since 2005 it was consolidated into an Arts Council Project called Global Local which itself is over 22 stages at Festivals across the UK of World Style music that Remixes with the UK Culture.
  • Robin Crafoord, best known from Trulz & Robin, is the creator of SYNC. SYNC is a platform in which like-minded musicians, artists, producers and sound engineers, compose new and original material in front of a live audience in a joint creative effort.

NB. Registration is required for this event. Fill in an application form, you can find the form here.

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The workshop is organized in the collaboration with GramArt, NOTAM, Music Norway and SYNC


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