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Samtale i verdensklasse

The 9th of September Oslo World launch a new series of talks that will highlight the personal stories of hand- picked world-class artists. A monthly reminder that underline that we live in a time of outstanding fusion, with ideas and sounds taken from anywhere and influences found everywhere. During the festival week we will have one talk every day from 12:00 – 13:00, at Kulturhuset.

The first “Samtale i verdensklasse” takes place at Dansens Hus at 17:00, the 9th of september and is lead by the festival director of Oslo World, Alexandra Archetti. She meets the Brazilian dancer and choreographer Lia Rodrigues, in connection with her dance performance “For The Sky Not To Fall”. They will discuss how dance can give a voice to people who aren’t easily heard and challenge the political and cultural status quo. 

During Oslo World 2017 there will be conversations with artists like Derek Gripper, Chris Tofu, Daniel “Pipi” Piazzolla, Elena Roger, Tumi aka. Stogie T, Don Martin, Spoek Mathambo and Xylouris White at Kulturhuset

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