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Let’s talk about Images

Artist talk with Khaled Barakeh

‘Let’s Talk about Images’ is Fotogalleriet’s new series of discussions. The weekly events are grounded in photographic and cinematographic works produced in recent years as examples of artistic practices that critically engage society and its representations. Through artists’ presentations, discussions and screenings, ‘Let’s Talk about Images’ aims to analyse and explore the world of the perceptible and to rethink how ocularcentrism has taken over the human reign of senses.

Meet Syrian artist Khaled Barakeh and Norwegian storyteller Terje Abusdal in conversation with UiO’s PhD candidate Sara Rundgren Yazdani about crafting images and redefining identity in zones dominated by a mass media representation and territories of conflict.

The talk will explore topics such as: in this current  overwhelming torrent of images, can we discern ‘artistic approaches’ to this new image environment, to world events, and to history in general? Is art an antidote to this one-way street image production, or capable only to document the scars which are left behind? And is the role of art to humanise the violence of the imagery we are subjected to, or to instead shape different ways of seeing?

In collaboration with Fotogalleriet and Syria Cultural Index. 

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