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Workshop: Mapping Home

- NextStopDamascus

This workshop is a part of Oslo World & Station Beirut: NextStopDamascus, a Syrian takeover at Kulturhuset. 

Maps have been extensively used to tell stories and to show how the stories relate to a place. Equally, narratives have contributed to the shaping and production of a place. How do we make sense of a place that we no longer can visit? What places do we remember and long for? What narratives live in these places and what can they tell about us and about “home”? How do we begin to discover and become acquainted with a new place? What invisible boundaries do we draw as we settle in our new destination?

Welcome to this free workshop facilitated by artists Diala Brisly (SY) and Lars Sandås (NO), who will navigate our spatial memories and take us through a journey to discover, map and narrate a place called home.

In collaboration with SPACE in Oslo. 
Photo credit: SYRIA Cultural Index

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