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Utstilling: Relentless Images


Opening Tue Oct 30, 16:30 at Kulturhuset

Co-curated by Nabil Canaan (Station Beirut) and Khaled Barakeh in cooperation with SYRIA Cultural Index

As the conflict in Syria drags on, many Syrian artists and musicians find themselves in Beirut, Berlin, Oslo and beyond. Like others in their host countries, they watch the incessant media deluge projecting images of violence, forced displacement and immigration in a constant flow. These, and what has essentially become “the Syrian refugee industry”, mediate perceptions, limit the narrative and dehumanize a whole people.

The artistic output of the Syrian creative community is today overshadowed by their geographic dispersion and fragile economic and psychosocial circumstances. Yet, from clandestine cells in Syria to exiled artist residencies elsewhere in the world, they continue to resist and represent, looking for new vocabularies of resistance, exploring revolutionary symbolism to encourage dialogue, debate, free expression and contestation in the face of the multilateral violence their country is suffering.

They are an artistic community seeking on one hand to preserve their heritage while still continuing to create new work that expresses their contemporary reality and preparing for the future. 

Selected artists: 
Abdalla Al Omari – painting
Tammam Azzam – photomontage
Anna Banout – photography, video art
Diala Brisly – animation
Fares Cachoux – illustration
Rawan Hasan – video art
Sulafa Hijazi “Artworks” سلافة حجازي – illustration, video art
Mohamad Khayata – photography
Yasser Safi – painting, etching
Khalil Younes – video art installation
Lars Sandås – illustration

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