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Tumi aka Stogie T (ZA)

Rigid cigarsmoking funk-jazz twist

The everchanging but always exceptional Tumi Molekane in his new persona, Stogie T.

Tumi Molekane has played the festival before together with his band Tumi & The Volume in 2008, and delivered a fantastic hip-hop concert with a fierce jazz-funk twist. Since then he has worked a few years as a solo artist under his own name, but now he is back with a brand-new alias as Stogie T, and it marks a change in his music and thematic.

Where there earlier was a young man fighting for a better world, there is now a grown man that has stepped into a new world of money and his newfound love of expensive cigars. We are still dealing with an exceptional wordsmith and writer, and the producer Tweezy that he has worked closely with on his latest album is one of South-Africa’s best at the moment. Through this change, he has updated his sound and gained a new following throughout the world, never compromising his quality.

ID: 20 years

Tekst: Henrik Richter Schie

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