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 The band previously known as Valkyrien Allstars, are still going strong after 10 years together, and set a new high watermark in 2016 with their fifth album “Prøv å si noe til meg nå”, an album by many considered their best so far. They still challenge the borders of folk music by incorporating elements from traditional music with its fiddles and kved in new settings and arrangements, always keeping their signature sound.

«It’s a record with lots of contrast, but on one level it’s the same all the way through, it’s really good.” Geir Rakvaag / Dagsavisen

Valkyrien is first and foremost vocalist and fiddle player Tuva Livsdatter Syvertsen, known from Norwegian tv shows Stjernekamp and Korslaget, and multi-instrumentalist Erik Sollid who has been with theband since the early days. Together with Magnus Larsen Jr. on bass and Martin Langlie they create music that it rooted in folk, but at the same time is experimental and making new grounds.

«Valkyrien has become a different band, but just as good as before, if not better” – Geir Vestad / Hamar Arbeiderblad

Tuva Livsdatter Syvertsen – vocal, fiddle, hardingfiddle, organ
Erik Sollid – fiddle, hardingfiddle, vocal, guitar
Magnus Jr. Larsen – bass
Martin Langlie – drums, organ

This concert is produced by Riksscenen. Riksscenen is the national scene for folk music and folk dance from all over the world.

Text: Riksscenen

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