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Bixiga 70

Groundbreaking and catchy brazilian big band

A curious, but welcomed development in today’s music scene is that the large ensemble by no means is obsolete, in spite of obvious economical obstacles. Few things are more satisfying – if you are a lover of improvised, rhythmical and social music, than to be a crowd, both on and off stage.

Bixiga 70, is named after a place and a band, pointing to the two most important touchstones in their sound. Bixiga is where they come from, a district in their hometown São Paulo, and points to their deep love of brazilian music. The number is borrowed from Fela Kutis legendary Africa ‘70 and points to the endless possibilities in afrobeat music. The band consist of a large, stellar rhythm section, a vast keyboard park and a tight horn section made up of solo players with a story to tell.

This autumn Bixiga 70 will release their highly anticipated fourth album on Glitterbeat (Bombino, Jon Hassell, King Ayisoba), a few weeks before they visit Oslo World. The last seven years they have toured the world, while their albums have appeared on several “best of”-lists, both within and outside of Brazil. They have shared the stage with afrobeat legends like Tony Allen and Seun Kuti.

The music of Bixiga 70 is catchy and groundbreaking in equal amounts. A modern band steeped in traditions where you can’t have one without the other.

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