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A 21st century guitar hero

It is no exaggeration to say that Omara “Bombino” Moctar, who first visited Oslo World in 2011, ranks among the most important guitarists in the world today. On the contrary – the influence from the desert blues of Bombino, along with the tuareg legends in Tinariwen, is rapidly expanding in todays guitar based music. His style – lightning quick, elegant and deeply musical – is simply too infectious not to borrow from, much in the same way that Bombino himself watched videos of guitarists like Jimi Hendrix and Mark Knopfler in the 90’s, searching for tricks to “steal”. His new album, “Deran”, will be out on Partisan Records May 18th. His sounds and ideas are easy to spot in the music made by indie artists like Dirty Projectors. David Longreth from said band produced Bombinos last record, “Azel” from 2016. On the one before that, Dan Auberbach from Black Keys had the same role. But no matter the producer, the end result is all about Bombinos singular musical vision. Memorable songs about current matters, performed by a truly special musician who is just getting started making his mark on global music.

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