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- Mzansi Pride

The performance duo FAKA consists of Thato Ramaisa and Buyani Duma, who go by the stage names of Fela Gucci and Desire Marea. Their music is based on gqom, a minimalistic and hypnotic form of house which originated in Durban, as well as different weird corners of the internet. The art of FAKA – whether you meet them live, in music videos, on record or in other mediums – is a fearless exploration of masculinity, femininity and sexual identity. In an interview, Ramaisa has pointed out how important it is for the African LGBTQI+ scene to also be able to portray aggression, to be “in your face”. Trying to appear harmless and adaptable to the broader audience carries risks, he says. Everyone who’s ever experienced FAKA knows that they follow through. The duo has also expanded their work into becoming a broader media platform where young, queer south africans can share their perspectives.

The concert with FAKA is a part of Mzansi Pride – an evening with artists from the queer South African music scene. The other artist performing at Mzansi Pride are: Nakhane, Moonchild Sanelly and the DJ-duo Jozi Nights. 

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