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Lullabies in dystopian times

- can a lullaby bring hope to a dystopian reality?

An unorthodox seminar that gathers four of the strongest female voices from Morocco, Spain, Mali, and Brasil.

In conversation with the festival director Alexandra Archetti Stølen, the artistically lucid and politically engaged, Liniker, Rossy de Palma, Inna Modja and Hindi Zahra, will share their vision regarding music. It seems that we are living dystopian panoramas: Amazonian forest in fire, displacement of indigenous communities worldwide,  human-rights activists are getting killed, female voices, queer voices, to mention, a few are silenced worldwide.

When humanity is trapped in a dystopian reality, how can artists sing a lullaby that could bring hope? When the apathy and lethargy reign the current political landscape, how can artists sing a wake-up call to take action?

Meet four female speakers that are fearless and dare to fight for big or small utopias.

Even if one and a half hours will never be not enough to change the world, join us for an unforgettable conversation that will be an antidote for despair.

Rossy de Palma– Spanish actress, singer, fashion icon and the curator for Oslo World’s opening concert Utopian Lullabies.

Liniker – creates a contemporary sound that combines soul with the tropical heritage of MPB (popular Brazilian music).  Liniker Barros is the first openly transgender star of Brazilian music. She has said that being black, poor and queer is empowering, that being a trans-black woman onstage is a political act. She is also part of Utopian Lullabies and will perform with her band e os Carmelows on the 31st of October.

Inna Modja – Malian singer based in Paris. She speaks against female genital mutilation, as she herself and her four sisters were circumcised without their parents’ approval. She’s also outspoken against violence against women, which she portrayed in the music video of her song “La Valse de Marylore”.  She is also part of Utopian Lullabies.

Hindi Zahra – Ever since her critically acclaimed Blue Note debut Handmade in 2010, the Moroccan singer and multi-instrumentalist Hindi Zahra has fused Berber music with modern jazz and blues. She will also be a part of Utopian Lullabies.

Moderator: Alexandra Archetti Stølen- festival director Oslo World.

In collaboration with Nobel Peace Center and Balansekunst.

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