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Album release / Hamid Sakhizada

Acoustic concert + artist talk


This will be the second event in Oslo World seminar program that will highlight the importance of protecting intangible heritages.
Intangible cultures have been part of the forgotten utopias that were easily erased and chased across history until today. Out of the 7,600 languages spoken worldwide, 2,680 indigenous languages are in danger and many are disappearing at an alarming rate.
Hamid Sakhizada is a virtuous musician from Afghanistan who has dedicated his career to learning and sharing his Hazara cultural heritage. The Hazara-people is a minority in Afghanistan, and Hamid’s tireless efforts to preserve the tradition has cost him dearly. In Afghanistan he was subject to a steady campaign of threats and violent harassment from groups who oppose the minority Hazara culture, as well as from religious traditionalists. In 2016 Hamid was forced to flee the country, and he became a guest artist in the city Harstad, Norway, where he still lives and continues to perform his music openly.
The event will open with an acoustic concert of Hamid Sakhizada followed by an artist talk. Hamid will present his latest release project: Dai Raft. The album is released on LIDIO – a record label dedicated to releasing music from persecuted artists. LIDIO is run by the organization Safemuse, and is a sub label to Grappa, Norway’s largest independent record label.

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