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Disappearing utopias at an alarming rate


While objects, property, sedentary lifestyle, written language are praised, there is a small room for those that are in transit, for the intangible cultures, and for their orality.

Intangible cultures have been part of the forgotten utopias that were easily erased and chased across history until today. Out of the roughly 7,600 languages spoken worldwide, 2,680 indigenous languages are in danger and many are disappearing at an alarming rate.

This seminar will highlight the importance of safeguarding those intangible heritages. Especially music genres that carry the identities of those that have often been neglected. The special focus will be on both Gnawa and Aîta music.

Asmaa Hamzaoui– is the leader of the group Bnat Timbouktou and one of Gnawa’s few – and youngest – female ambassadors. In concert: Gnawabonanza: Gabacho Maroc // Asmâa Hamzaoui & Bnat Timbouktou

– Vincent Thomas- manager and drummer of Gabacho Maroc.

Brahim El Mazned– is the artistic Director of Timitar Festival of World Music which is mainly focused on Amazigh culture, which he contributed to making known worldwide. He is also the Founding Director of Visa For Music, the 1st Market and music festival in Africa and the Middle East which takes place each year in Rabat. In 2018 he published Aïta. An anthology that records 250 artists that perform the seven types of aïta This project has been considered as the solution that could safeguard this popular music genre practiced in the Atlantic region.

– Hicham Bahou is the co-director of L’Boulevard festival, which was launched in Casablanca in 1999 by his sidekick Mohamed Merhari. Hicham has actively contributed to the promotion and development of contemporary music and urban culture in Morocco and making the festival L’boulevard the yearly rendez-vous for musicians, artists, audiences, professionals and the media and totaling more than 120,000 viewers the latest edition.
In 2010, the association created the Boultek, the first center
of contemporary music in Morocco, which includes rehearsal studios and a concert hall where weekly live concerts are hosted all year round.

Moderator: Jihane Bougrine, Morrocan singer and journalist at

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