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- Unachievable utopias?

Music and ideas transcend borders, regardless of political agendas or border controls. An inevitable movement has been potentialized by the digital age and the internet.  In this equation, international collaborations in the cultural sector are an inevitable organic result of this dynamic.

This panel will address the power and the challenges of these collaborations: How they could be the antidote of the danger of the single story?   How transnational collaborations can create new de-centered points of view? How collaboration could break the dichotomy between center/periphery? How international collaborations can be fundamental when making visible artists that are silenced?

– Sevi Spanoudi- is the founder and CEO of South African artist management and music production company Black Major. Black Major is unique in the South African music landscape – an accomplished, thoroughly professional music agency, rooted in African context, and nurturing and developing the careers of a wide range of local artists, but with a focused global outlook.

– Cato Litangen- Managing director of Mimeta a Norwegian limited company with charitable statutes. Mimeta is involved in culture sector development, by the means of financial support, knowledge building and professional advises.

– Joe Fakland – CEO of music and talent development organisation, PRS Foundation.

Amani Semaan- Co-Founder and Festival Director at Beirut & Beyond International Music Festival

Moderator: Preethi Nallu. Writer, researcher and visual storyteller. She has reported on migration and displacement issues across the globe for news media, UN agencies, think tanks and advocacy groups. Following 6 years of working on migration issues, on different sides of the Mediterranean, she started documenting the returns of Afghan, Syrian, Iraqi and Rohingya refugees.

In collaboration with Forum for globalt kunstsamarbeid.

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