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Youmna Saba (LB)

The music of Youmna Saba – who’s both musicologist and graphic designer – has anxiety supressing properties. This is partly due to her Arab singing, but mainly because of More >

47soul (PS/JO)

With their debut release Shamstep, quartet 47soul set out to create an entirely new genre. Rather than a variation of the brutish electro-beast dubstep, shamstep is a revitalization of More >

Cheikh Lô (SN)

It would be wrong to claim that Cheikh Lô has simplified the Senegalese dance music known as mbalax. Instead, he has refined and quieted it so that its hyperactive More >

Dom La Nena (BR)

What were you up to when you were thirteen? If you were like most children, you probably buzzed around in prepubertal confusion, absorbed in completing your collection of cartoons, More >

Yilian Cañizares (CU)

The German philosopher Walter Benjamin argued that all new generations have a responsibility to the past ones: What your great-grandmother couldn’t achieve because of her oppressors, we have to More >