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Øyunn (NO)

Siv Øyunn Kjenstad is among Norway’s most aspiring drummers. At our festival we particularly appreciate her fondness for the frenetic polyrhythms that are prominent in West African sabar and More >

Calypso Rose (TT)

“They want me to retire” huffs Calypso Rose on the track “Warrior”. Believe it or not: It dates to 1978 – nearly four decades ago. Unfortunately, that says quite More >

Madame Gandhi (US/IN)

Kiran Gandhi – better known as Madame Gandhi – dreams of a better world. That is of course something most of us do, but only a few try to More >

Jon Balke: Siwan (NO/IR/MA)

The history of Norwegian jazz would hardly have been the same without Jon Balke. Not only did he begin his musical life as an accomplice of Radka Toneff and More >

Seminar: The Colombian Case

Oslo World Music Festival welcomes you to a panel discussion before the concert with Puerto Candelaria. Discussing the role of music as an instrument of reconciliation and empowerment of More >