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 The band previously known as Valkyrien Allstars, are still going strong after 10 years together, and set a new high watermark in 2016 with their fifth album “Prøv å More >

Rossy de Palma (ES)

Rossy de Palma challenges what we regard as beauty. As a young woman she moved from Mallorca to Madrid along with her punk band, Peor Impossible (the worst possible). More >

Xylouris White (GR/AU)

The mixture of the two musicians in Xylouris White is as unlikely and unexpected as it is unique. Their geographical background is not always so apparent as they are More >

Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 (NG)

The whole world opened their eyes to african music through the legendary afrobeat-pioneer Fela Kuti and his self-made music style afrobeat, that lives on and is continually evolving today. More >

Derek Gripper (ZA)

Guitar virtuoso Derek Gripper has mastered what even John Williams, one of his idols, thought was impossible: To perform pieces written for the highly complex kora – a West More >