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AfroFuturism: King Ayisoba & IBAAKU

Space voyagers, cyborgs and Ancient Egyptian gods are images that spring to mind when talking about Afrofuturism. Sun Ra, Erykah Badu and the techno duo Drexciya are all prime examples of this, as they fuse African mysticism with science fiction and modern technology.

Afrofuturism is not only an aesthetic approach to reality, but also an exploration of identity. It’s a way of bridging the future and the past: to imagine an Afrocentric future, free of Western/European dominance. It thus provides a more nuanced articulation of the tensions of African societies, African diasporas, and the processes of hybridization and globalization.

Afrofuturism is more than just music. All art forms, including literature, architecture, and design are used to explore this aesthetic. In addition to concerts and DJ sets, the full Afrofuturism event will include seminars, artist talks, pop-up shop, and a fashion collection catwalk.

Big thanks to Kulturhuset for this collaboration!


Ibaaku (SN)

Extraterrestrial beats
I always try to find the harmony through the noise, says Stephen Bassene about the electronic dance music he makes as Ibaaku. He is living in a particularly noisy part of Dakar, which bothered the young producer until he realized that it actually had a very positive effect on his soundscapes.

Motorcycles and construction sites are hardly the only sources of inspiration for the album Alien Cartoon (2016). After all, it became into being as the soundtrack for a fashion More >