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Beirut & Beyond

A blast wave of creativity arose in the aftermath of the Arab Spring, similar to how a thousand pink cherry blossoms tend to pop up overnight. This is why Beirut & Beyond International Music Festival was founded in 2013, in partnership with our own music festival. On Thursday the 2nd of November we bring Beirut & Beyond to Sentralen and fill the building with music, dance, talks and design from The Middle East.

In addition to seminars, pop up and concerts with Love & RevengeKinematik og The Great DepartedAssaad Awad will be a part of this year’s Beirut & Beyond in Oslo. The world-known designer, who has designed clothes and jewelry for big names such as Madonna and Lady Gaga, as well as fashion houses like Balenciaga og Mugler will make an installation with his work – jewelry and haute coutoure. 


Kinematik (LB)

Transgressive instrumental rock.
In Kinematik, each member is a module in a machine. “True creativity comes from restricting yourself,” explains the quartet. It’s an approach to composition that drives almost all hypnotic forms of music, including the motorik instrumental rock that’s Kinematik’s weapon of choice.

With the German experimentalists Can as their idols, Kinematik tries to break down the conventions of guitar music: they deliberately use one guitar rather than two, instead relying on synthesizers and electronic gadgets. A more punk mentality is More >

The Great Departed (LB)

Satirical hymns.
Protest songs are likely to have existed as long as the civilizations. As long as there are tyrants, it will feel necessary to grab a nearby instrument and sing about their often parodic hunger for power. It’s about as natural as eating when you’re hungry.

Few carry on this legacy with as much flair and finesse as the Lebanese folk orchestra The Great Departed (in their mother tongue: Al-Rahel Al-Kabir). They make classical Arabic music with a modern touch. But More >

Love & Revenge (LB)

«Oriental» hiphop beats.
“For a person who has never seen the Orient, a lotus is still a lotus; for me it is only some kind of onion”. This is the disappointment French writer Nerval has to chew up after a trip to the Middle East, as retold in Edward Said’s “Orientalism”. Said’s point is not that there’s anything wrong with this part of the world. Quite the opposite: What is truly perverse is how the West sees the Orient.

Said is an important More >

Assaad Awad LB

Fashion as groundbreaking art
“In a world of copy/paste, we need to go back to the handcrafted”. This is among the key ideas of Lebanese designer Assaad Awad, who will partake in a conversation with Signy Fardal, editor-in-chief at Elle Magazine. He declares a rebellion against mass production, convinced that clothes, jewelry and other garments born on the assembly line are lacking an essential value – one we cannot really put our finger on.

This unique perspective is precisely what people like Madonna, Lady More >

Noma World

Pop-Up store
Lamia Be was born and raised in Oslo, in a traditional Moroccan home in Tøyen. Dana Jdid was born in Abu Dhabi and raised in Oslo in a Syrian home. Inspired by different, but inseparable worlds, their traditional homes and street culture they created and evolved Noma World -a brand inspired by authenticity, transitional cultures and visionaries. The duo curate and collaborate with art collectives, subcultures, fashion designers and music festivals. We are delighted to host their pop-up store More >


Renaissance girl in a digital world
Dana Jdid is an architect, multi media artist and urban activist. A Syrian girl from Oslo with a strong passion for the city she has been a dedicated collaborator with Oslo World since 2013.  “I Thrive from people’s energy and creativity. I believe in the power of the collective “ Dana is a member of two underground movements. NomaWorld, a lifestyle collective dedicated to representing an authentic vision for street fashion (whom we More >