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Beirut & Beyond


Youmna Saba (LB)

Soothing folk experiments
The music of Youmna Saba – who’s both musicologist and graphic designer – has anxiety supressing properties. This is partly due to her Arab singing, but mainly because of the brilliant arrangements, where an expressive oud is accompanied by shimmering guitars and noises from non-musical objects. As a result, her gorgeous third solo album Njoum (2015) sounds hushed and expansive at the same time.

It’s no wonder why British cult hero Mike Cooper, who’s work also finds More >

47soul (PS/JO)

The new Dabke wine
With their debut release Shamstep, quartet 47soul set out to create an entirely new genre. Rather than a variation of the brutish electro-beast dubstep, shamstep is a revitalization of dabke, psychedelic dance music from the Bilad al-Sham region; a music that recently saw some new attention, largely due to Omar Souleyman.

47 Souls’ greatest innovation is not so much to buff up this Palestinian street music with the help of analog synths, drum machines and English singing, as it More >

Bei Ru (US/AM)

Nostalgic beatmaking
Baruir Panossian follows the legacy of sampling masters DJ Shadow and The Avalanches. Like these two, the 36-year-old beatmaker engages in a playful recycling of music and movie clips known to very few. This is a quite a special way to give a new life to things you thought were lost, and Bei Ru’s base material does not make it the least bit less interesting.

With his debut album Little Armenia (L.A.) (2010) he cut and pasted almost exclusives More >

Beirut & Beyond

The Middle East’s music festival
A blast wave of creativity arose in the aftermath of the Arab Spring, similar to how a thousand pink cherry blossoms tend to pop up overnight. However, the nations along the Mediterranean’s eastern bank lacked the infrastructure to harvest the fruits of this artistic moment. This is the reason why Beirut & Beyond International Music Festival was founded in 2013, in partnership with our music festival.

When Beirut & Beyond is held for the fourth time in December, debates, More >