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Salif Keita & Sidiki Camara Group (NO/ML)


Salif Keita (ML)

The ever-vital Golden Voice of Africa
Salif Keita wasn’t meant to become a musician. As a direct descendant of Sundiata Keita, the warrior king who founded the Malian empire in the 1200s, the singer belong to a venerable caste among the Mandinka people. So-called jeli – professional troubadours – on the other hand, are in the other end of the social hierarchy.

He thus made a bold choice when he at the end of his teens decided to become a musician in the big city. More >

Sidiki Camara (ML/NO)

The Master Percussionist from Mali
Bamako, the capital of Mali, is known as the musical heart of Western Africa. Here, the rich and diverse traditions of the region merge and harmonize with musical impulses of all corners of the world. One of Bamako’s great sons, Oslo-based Sidiki Camara, offers a stunning combination of West African music and sophisticated modern jazz.
Sidiki Camara’s musical merits are quite unique. Starting up as a solo artist at the Mali National Ballet, he More >