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Tango at Sentralen

Lost in the tango! 

During this year’s festival, an entire evening will be dedicated to tango at Sentralen. Of all the partner dances found throughout our planet, we dare to claim that tango – which originated on the border between Uruguay and Argentina – is the most beautiful and sensual of all of them. UNESCO does not necessarily disagree: In 2009, the dance was included on their cultural world heritage list.

This Friday, the audience can dance  and experience two totally unique concerts. In addition, the Marble Hall at Sentralen will be transformed into a Milonga throughout the night, not totally unlike the many legendary tango clubs in Buenos Aires back streets.


Luciano Supervielle (Bajofondo) (UY)

Filmatic piano electronica
Just like in chemistry classes in school, it’s always exciting mixing two very different components together. Sometimes nothing happens, sometimes it goes really wrong, and sometimes you might get lucky and end up with something new and exciting; maybe a tiny explosion, or if you’re lucky, something that tastes good. Not only does artist Luciano Supervielle have a beautiful name, he has also come up with his own, unique mix of musical genres. And it sounds like a million More >

Escalandrum feat. Elena Roger (AR)

Piazzolla plays Piazzolla

Escalandrum is among the foremost ambassadors of the Argentinian cultural heritage. The Buenos Aires based jazz ensemble do not only have badges of honor to show for – as winners of both Gardel and Konex, they possess the country’s greatest music awards – but also music and merits.

Since its foundation around the turn of the millennium, Escalandrum has retained its original lineup. Led by composer and drummer Daniel “Pipi” Piazolla, the sextet shares blood with the man behind the More >