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Futuristic tribal beats
The future is female! When MINA – a 24-year-old rapper based in Quito – spits her fiery verses, she’s thus not only acting on her own behalf. The frustrations […] More >

Retro: Derrick May & Dj Nuhhh! (US/NO)

Spiritual Detroit techno
Målet med Retro – Jægers faste føljetong på torsdager, ledet av den glødende DJ Nuhhh (Daniel Gude) – er å fremheve og verdsette de tilbakeholdne skikkelsene som vi har […] More >

Raving Iran/ Unspoken Politics of Raving

Film & Talk
Dancing is scary stuff. At least it may seem so, considering how the normative culture treats underground house and techno. In Susanne Regina Meures’ documentary film Raving Iran – […] More >

Beirut & Beyond

Beirut & Beyond International Music Festival in Oslo!
A blast wave of creativity arose in the aftermath of the Arab Spring, similar to how a thousand pink cherry blossoms tend to pop up overnight. This is why […] More >

Dance on the Frontline

Dance performance, screening and talk
Dance as a frontline defiance to go beyond borders. Dancing against all odds, against all dangers. Dancing as a tool of empowerment. Dance or die. Three dancers coming from three different countries (Palestine, Iran, and […] More >

The Great Departed (LB)

Satirical hymns.
Protest songs are likely to have existed as long as the civilizations. As long as there are tyrants, it will feel necessary to grab a nearby instrument and sing […] More >