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Beirut & Beyond

International Music Festival
Beirut & Beyond is a yearly music festival in partnership with Oslo World Music Festival. The festival is an collaboration between local promoters and Oslo World Music Festival, with […] More >

Beirut & Beyond

The Middle East’s music festival
A blast wave of creativity arose in the aftermath of the Arab Spring, similar to how a thousand pink cherry blossoms tend to pop up overnight. However, the nations […] More >

Bei Ru (US/AM)

Nostalgic beatmaking
Baruir Panossian follows the legacy of sampling masters DJ Shadow and The Avalanches. Like these two, the 36-year-old beatmaker engages in a playful recycling of music and movie clips […] More >

Latlateh (Bu Kolthoum) (SY)

Soulful hiphop with a bite
It seems like Latlateh (Bu Kolthoum) has a raging headache. After all, his sole full-length record thus far – on which he proved himself to be gifted both as […] More >

Youmna Saba (LB)

Soothing folk experiments
The music of Youmna Saba – who’s both musicologist and graphic designer – has anxiety supressing properties. This is partly due to her Arab singing, but mainly because of […] More >

47soul (PS/JO)

The new Dabke wine
With their debut release Shamstep, quartet 47soul set out to create an entirely new genre. Rather than a variation of the brutish electro-beast dubstep, shamstep is a revitalization of […] More >