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Open Xpressions

A special Open Xpressions in collaboration with Oslo World festival!

On our sizzling showcase we have: 

Dion Isaiah

Traces Gosepel Choir

from Oslo World – Paradise Sorouri 

Paradise Sorouri
Life has not been easy for Paradise Sorouri. In the past seven years, the 27-year-old has been forced to flee her country twice, received more death threats than she can count, and was brutally beaten by 10 men on the street and left to die. Her crime? She covers her head with a baseball cap instead of a hijab, raises her voice for women’s rights, and is Afghanistan’s first female rapper.

After which the stage is OPEN! for all forms of xpression – dance, music, poetry, stand-up – whatever! 
To be on the open stage simply turn up at 19:00 and sign your name in the book. We start the showcase at 20:00, so the open stage will start a little after 21:00

Mer info:

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