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Beyond Music

Oslo World's Beyond Music Program invites international delegates to network online and provides the festival with content throughout the week.

It has been a long time since Oslo World was just about music. Throughout the years, the festival has arranged seminars, discussions, lectures, exhibitions and showcases. We call this part of the festival Beyond Music.

Oslo World 2020 will not be an exception, even though we have had to do things differently this year. As usual, Oslo will host to art, performances, seminars and roundtables. A highlight of the program is the two day hybrid conference “Solidarity, artistic freedom and resistance”, which we have made in collaboration with Freemuse.

Every year Oslo World invites delegates and speakers from all over the world to the festival. Since this way of creating a meeting place is not a possibility at the time, this year the festival has worked towards providing a platform that is accessible from every corner of the world. In collaboration with Sentralen and Estraad, we have developed a digital platform that will allow the audience to pick their own avatar and immerse in 3D and 2D ecosystems, to have a new experience of the festival. In this digital space, participants from all over the world, will be able to explore the festival’s program, as well as new ways of interacting across the globe. Making such a platform was a necessity for the seminar part of Oslo World this year. When travel is made possible again, it will hopefully be a useful addition, allowing more people than before to participate in our program.

Events in the digital space include the Oslo World Conference, concerts from Oslo and abroad, speed meetings between delegates, as well as workshops with participants from various countries.

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The two day conference in collaboration with Freemuse, will consist of talks and other events, centered around solidarity, activism and resistance. Activists, politicians, researchers, artists and cultural arrangers from all over the world will gather digitally to exchange perspectives and tools to deal with situations where artistic freedom is being challenged.

Last year, the theme for Oslo World was “Utopia”, and as part of the festival, Norwegian and international delegates created a Utopian Manifesto: A document outlining goals and strategies for a more just and sustainable cultural sector. This manifesto was never intended as a static thing, and there is an obvious need for updating in light of the events of 2020. Therefore, Beyond Music will host a digital “Utopian Manifesto 2.0”-workshop, where cultural workers from all over the world meet online to revise and update these goals.

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