Info about Covid-19

This is how Covid-19 will affect this year's festival.

Due to covid-19, this year's musical program will only present artists residing in Norway. There will also be limited audience capacity, depending on the size of the venue and we recommend pre-purchasing tickets digitally.

The festival and all the festival's venues follow national and local guidelines for infection control, and provide extra staff to ensure that all rules are being followed.

At some venues it will be possible to reserve seats in advance. At other venues, you will be shown to a numbered seat on arrival. The seat number is then noted and this note is kept for 14 days from the event date for any infection tracking.

So far, not a single case of infection has come from cultural events in Norway. We will continue to prove ourselves worthy of the public and the authorities' trust.


Some of this year's events are free. Due to limited capacity and infection control, we advise you to reserve free tickets in advance.

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