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NRK P2's Arena broadcasts live from the Art & Media conference, with guests in the studio, a mini-concert with Matata and not least - a live audience!

Who and what controls which music is lifted up - whether it's on global streaming services, on Tik Tok, or in the media? And ultimately: In your own earplugs?

Our listening habits are controlled to a greater and greater extent by the major streaming services and social media, such as Tik Tok and YouTube. Which artists are we missing? And why? Why does a band do well in Kenya, but not in Oslo, where they live? And what must one do as an artist to stand out in the crowd? Do you have to have a tearful story to promote a new single?

In this live broadcast, we meet both artists, music journalists and the industry to find out how it got like this, and if something should be done.

Panelists: TBA!

Arena is always available in the NRK Radio app and is broadcasted live on P2 Monday-Thursday at 3-4pm. Listen here!

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