Annual report

Oslo World 2020 was the 27th festival in a row and the first of its kind. Due to the ongoing pandemic, with restrictions on both travel and audience capacity, we had to program very differently from a normal year. Rather than inviting the world to Oslo, we had to take a closer look at the different ways we can find the world in Oslo.

Still, we ended up with a festival with a range and a quality we could have been proud of in a regular year. Oslo World 2020 presented over 30 concerts with around 200 musicians from all over Norway, on 12 small and large venues across town. Oslo is a small musical capital of the world. We have known it for a long time, but this year, it took on a whole other meaning. The diversity of Oslo will be a strength for years to come.

In addition to the festival in week 44 every year, the foundation is currently responsible for a number of events throughout the year, such as Our Neighborhood, Children's World Exploration Days and Beirut & Beyond. Some of these events had to be canceled or conducted with a limited and / or digital audience this year, due to C-19. On the other hand, new projects were initiated and Oslo World reached out to new audiences and partners through, Oslo World Live Session, Utopian Manifesto and Keychange, amongst others.

Read and download the annual report from 2020 here.