Annual report

Oslo World 2023 was the 30th edition and the best visited festival since the start in 1994. All in all, 27 stages in Oslo joined in on the fun - from large halls such as Oslo Konserthus, Sentrum Scene and the Opera, to the city's best club stages, such as Cosmopolite, Blå, Jaeger, Kafé Hærverk and Parkteatret.

A great thing with Oslo World is to experience how many different concert audiences that actually exist in Oslo. That you can move from the grand concert halls to the dance floors at Jaeger, Blå and Parkteatret, that fans of experimental psych-rock, Lebanese post-punk or Italian disco suddenly bump into each other (many people also like everything at once), and the way in which at various concerts you come across people from Oslo with a background from Ukraine, Senegal, Cuba or Bosnia-Herzegovina. With each passing year, all these links become more unpredictable - people's musical tastes are changing, they are more international and diverse than before - from sensational TikTok breakthroughs to newfound interest in genre experiments and traditional music from near and far. In Oslo, there are many who have fought for this development - club concepts, concert stages, journalists and music fans - and it is more and more grateful to be an arena where this change becomes visible.

In addition to the annual festival, the Oslo World foundation is responsible for a number of events throughout the year. “Our neighborhood” is arranged in asylum centers across the country – here refugees and local communities meet and share music, culture and food. Since 2013, the festival has also been involved in organizing the festival Beirut & Beyond in Lebanon. Oslo World is responsible for Children’s Art Exploration Day, which is arranged in multiple municipalities in Norway, as well as Oslo World Youth, events, seminars and concerts throughout the year.

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