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Frivillig rafael
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Sign up as a volunteer here!

We are so lucky to have a big group of fantastic volunteers that help us every year and the festival can not be conducted without them, but there is always room for more.

As a volunteer, you can work on the following tasks:

Barnas verdensdager

(our children's festival from 19th to 20th of October)

Do you want to get your shifts out of the way before the music starts and simultaneously be an essential contributor to making thousands of children happy? Then BVD is for you.

You can work as:


You work on the days of the festival 19th and 20th of October.

  • Help the artist in the workshop and guide the children
  • Welcome and help the audience
  • Help in catering to feed the artist and other volunteers.
  • And many other really lovely chores during two fantastic days.


The week before the festival we transform the venue into a magical place full of colours, decorations and experiences. We need help to make decorations, rigging and decorating the activities inside and outside and in short transform this former police station into a magical kingdom. We have shifts both during the day and evening. You will get lunch on the daytime shift and time to get to know other amazing volunteers. Rigging up is from 12th to 18th of October.

Oslo World


As a host, you will be representing the festival before, during and after the concert. You will be welcoming the audience, handing out festival programs, assisting the audience to their seats, and answering questions they might have. Requests from the press and others are forwarded to the festival staff.


You will be given a zone in Oslo in which you will be distributing our catalogue to cafés, cinemas, theatres, libraries, shops etc. You must make the round 2-3 times.


You are a part of the driver team during the festival week. You will eg. drive artists to and from the concert venue. The festival will have cars available; you will not use your own car.


As an OW promoter you will target niche environments through various promotion and audience development.

Artist Contact

As an artist contact, you will be the main contact person between the artist and the festival. You will follow a detailed running order and make sure the artist is in the venue for soundcheck, you will be in touch with their driver, make sure they have their lunch/dinner, and be available for anything they might need to make their stay as pleasant as possible.

What do you get in return?

  • Unique concerts
  • Useful work experience and an insight to the making of a festival.
  • Meetings with big artists and a lot of nice people.
  • Volunteer pass that gives you free access to most of the concerts.
  • Closing party after the last concert.
  • Cheaper tickets to concerts from our venues all year round. And other gatherings during the year!
Frivillig vartnabolag

As a volunteer you have to:

  • Work two – three shifts (depending on the length of the shift).
  • Meet up at appointed time and work until you are given permission to leave.
  • Please notify us if you become sick or are prevented from coming to your shift!

The festival unfortunately does not cover accommodation, transportation or per diems!

Any questions? Get in touch with henriette@osloworld.no!

Sign up as a volunteer here!