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Oslo World YOUTH

Oslo World YOUTH creates cultural experiences by young people for young people.

Each year, Oslo World UNG organizes concerts during the festival in addition to arranging platforms where youth from different backgrounds meet some of the brightest young voices. These meetings take place at a seminar during Oslo World as well as an autumn tour, where school pupils from different parts of the country get to join in on relevant discussions and musical experiences.

To achieve this, we work together with youth initiatives from other cultural institutions, such as Deichman and Munch. The aim is to reach young people aged 15-18. Access to concerts and other cultural experiences at this age is precious. In today's world, unfortunately, it is also often very expensive. Culture has become yet another way of feeling left out. The aim of Oslo World UNG is to recognize these divides and to try to do something about them, by creating events that young people with different backgrounds both have access to and can feel at home in.


Oslo World UNG is created by young adults aged 18-24. One of the most important ways in which the cultural sector can keep up with a more complex and diverse world is to ensure that the institutions recruit new people and new perspectives. Diversity on stage is important - but increased diversity behind the scenes is the key to more lasting change. This way we can create cultural experiences for a large, diverse population in the future.

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Oslo World UNG is also a talent development programme. A springboard for a new generation of cultural workers, where young and committed talents shape events and work with the rest of the festival. In addition to the work, the program provides those who participate with training and networking opportunities.

In this way, Oslo World UNG tries both to provide experiences for young people here and now, while at the same time ensuring that tomorrow's scenes become even more inclusive.

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